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Specially developed set of GPS / CRM system "TKsoft" to track and monitor anything, anytime, anywhere.

About us

Our company is the author of the specialized GPS / CRM system "TKsoft". The basis of our system is the convenient usability of "TKsoft", the ease of learning and, as a result, the effective operation of the company within the tool itself.

Now everything is much more attractive? We give a guarantee and an opportunity to avoid the consequences of the wrong choice. If you are not sure about your choice, contact our consultant. It will help you choose a model that will definitely suit you.

Our Service

We are developers of GPS / CRM system "TKsoft" and ready to provide our customers with exclusive services.

Free switch to our GPS / CRM

We will implement and launch our GPS / CRM in your working business for free and painlessly.

GPS monitoring and control

We are able to implement our CRM under your "iron". You don't have to buy additional trackers and sensors.

Flexible settings and integrations

We are ready to work out any of your needs, even if it goes beyond our product.

What our personal
solutions will give you:

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Access via desktop, tablet or smartphone

The TKsoft GPS / CRM system web portal is accessible from a computer, tablet or smartphone, so you can check your trucks, trailers and assets wherever you are, at any time of the day.

02 02

Real-time tracking mode

With multiple updates every minute, you can see the real-time location of all trackers on one screen with the familiar Google Maps interface that lets you view maps, satellites, traffic and streets.

03 03

Quickly set geofencing and other conditions

Use the map interface to quickly and easily create objects to track visits and custom geofences to track movements. You can then set up one-time, daily, or weekly activity alerts for each geofence.

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Advanced reporting and alerts

From one-click status reports to in-depth historical analysis, TKsoft's advanced GPS / CRM reporting system allows you to quickly obtain large amounts of data that are securely stored for each tracker. Offline reports allow you to create custom reports specific to your business. On the GPS / CRM portal of the "TKsoft" system, you can configure the notification settings from a variety of options.


Our company is a developer of specialized GPS / CRM system "TKsoft"

What is the benefit of GPS / CRM system “TKsoft” to your business:
As fuel costs, insurance costs and competition increase, it is becoming increasingly important for trucking companies to find ways to reduce overhead costs while providing better customer service. TKsoft’s GPS / CRM solution for fleet tracking helps transport companies improve operational efficiency, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, protect against costly events such as theft or cargo damage, and make better scheduling and planning decisions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

GPS / CRM system “TKsoft” will allow you to stay in touch at any time and from any place. With position updates several times a minute, you can view the location of all trackers in near real time on one screen using the Google Maps interface. Designed from the ground up to provide greater accuracy, safety and reliability at a lower cost. Log in and view all current and historical data for each tracker via any web browser on any computer – no software needs to be installed and you automatically receive all portal updates.

Its values ​​for your business:

GPS / CRM system “TKsoft” expands the capabilities of your team like no other solution, thanks to special reports and in-depth analytics that increase visibility and efficiency.


Years in the field of
development of CRM systems
and GPS monitoring.

Answers to the questions:

GPS / CRM "TKsoft" customer relationship management system is an application software designed to automate customer interaction processes. It is implemented to increase the level of sales or optimize the work of marketing, even to build or improve current business processes with subsequent analysis of the results.

The GPS / CRM system "TKsoft" can be customized for business tasks of any industry, it is also easily integrated into the existing infrastructure of the company.

The purpose of the basic GPS / CRM system "TKsoft" is the automation of business processes (including marketing campaigns), as well as a tool for conducting transactions. You can improve the quality of service without involving additional staff and get the opportunity to better control the performance of employees and the company as a whole.

Intuitive interface and interaction logic make using the system simple. In addition, we talk about the operation of the system in as much detail as possible before buying (renting), and certified consultants are always ready to conduct training.

Our GPS / CRM system "TKsoft" has a web interface and provides all the functionality of a full-fledged system and allows you to work from anywhere in the world.

We do not make standard solutions, we will not take a single penny from you until you receive a working project, the system will have only the functionality that you need, without unnecessary things. The average development time does not exceed three months.


Connection of GPS / CRM system "TKsoft"

$ 0
for connecting
  • First connection of the system
  • Switch to our system
  • Development of modules for you

GPS - monitoring

  • Free connection
  • You pay only when you use the vehicle
  • Connecting to your GPS sensor (without buying additional equipment)
  • Web-interface with a map in real-vision mode
  • Convenient admin panel for control and reporting

What we do

Development of CRM for the business task of the customer

The price is negotiable

  • Free development
  • Subscription fee only
  • Any modifications at the request of the customer
  • A flexible system of user rights
  • A boxed software product is possible


GPS services that we offer you

Our goal is a RELIABLE, EASY-TO-USE GPS system for our customers that will give maximum results.

GPS – truck control

  • mileage, idle, distance
  • route, deviation
  • fuel consumption
  • control of fillings and drains
  • calculation of reports

GPS for agriculture

  • control of equipment
  • showers, refueling, costs
  • cultivated areas
  • map of fields, crop rotation, borders
  • agricultural module

GPS for cars and managers

  • sales agent’s route list in kilometers
  • downtime, monthly reports for used fuel
  • integration with 1c

GPS for trading companies

  • visiting retail outlets
  • deviation from the route in kilometers
  • optimal route
  • fuel consumption control
  • delivery (logistics)

GPS for construction companies

  • control of the movement of special equipment and mechanisms
  • engine hours, fuel consumption per mechanism
  • place of work of additional mechanisms
  • logistics and operational control

Mini gas station modules

  • delivery of the exact amount of fuel by keys
  • statistics and control of the gas station
  • order and clarity in fuel control
  • all fuel costs can be seen from the phone/computer

Automation of business processes:

Increase security

You can remotely lock the ignition of the car. The ignition can also be blocked when the vehicle leaves a predetermined area - city, country, construction, etc. Thanks to GSM jamming detection, receive notification of jamming attempts and react accordingly.

Cut costs up to 30%

Get savings by optimizing processes and controlling: routes, fuel consumption, driver and transport hours, driver's driving style, cargo status. Eliminate fines and loss of license for violation of EU regulations by using remote tachograph reading.

Improve communication

A single platform for tasks and communications between the fleet manager and drivers, which provides: sending and receiving tasks with specified routes, automatic task status update, tracking the status of the task, sending messages, files and photos.

Convenience in work

Intuitive interface of the program with mobile versions. Visual and convenient perception of the parameters of the condition of the equipment, the driver's driving style and transportation performance. Connect for key machine and driver performance metrics.

- Our clients

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Track more than just the location of your fleet. Start working with GPS / CRM system "TKsoft" today!