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CRM система ціна

CRM system price

The cost of CRM systems: what you should know

A CRM system is software that helps companies manage interactions with customers. It collects information about customers, allows you to create and track sales, make forecasts and provide better service. A CRM system has several advantages, such as improving communication with customers, increasing sales and reducing costs.

What are the prices for CRM systems and what do they include?

The price of a CRM system depends on many factors, such as functionality, number of users, type of installation (remote or local) and support. Many companies offer free versions of CRM systems, but they may contain limitations on features or the number of users.

Paid versions of CRM systems can cost from a few dollars per month to several hundred or even thousands of dollars per year. They can include not only the basic functionality, but also additional modules such as marketing analysis, sales automation and remote access.

Also, the use of the CRM system may include user support, which may be provided both by the manufacturer of the CRM system and by third-party providers. Free support may be limited, while paid packages may include extended support.

Is it worth buying an expensive CRM system, or is it possible to find a budget option?

Buying expensive CRM systems does not always guarantee maximum results. A responsible approach to choosing a CRM system involves an analysis of the company’s needs and its capabilities. For example, most small companies can find a suitable version of the CRM system from well-known manufacturers for a more reasonable price.

However, large companies may benefit from choosing expensive CRM systems with advanced functionality and support. Thus, the choice of CRM system depends on the size and needs of the company.

An overview of the most popular CRM systems with prices and recommendations for choosing

Among the most popular CRM systems, such as TKsoft CRM and others can be distinguished.

How is the GPS / CRM system “TKsoft” useful for your business:

As fuel costs, insurance costs and competition increase, it is becoming increasingly important for trucking companies to find ways to reduce overhead costs while providing better customer service. TKsoft’s GPS / CRM solution for fleet tracking helps transport companies improve operational efficiency, reduce fuel and maintenance costs, protect against costly events such as theft or cargo damage, and make better scheduling and planning decisions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

When choosing a CRM system, you should take into account such factors as functionality, number of users, type of installation, etc. It is also worth paying attention to user support and the reputation of the manufacturer.


There are many CRM systems on the market, but choosing the one that will work best for your company depends on your needs and capabilities. Prices for different CRM systems vary significantly, so it’s worth researching the options carefully and paying attention to functionality and user support.